Trial of Fire Edit

The Trial of Fire quest is a fire maze filled with hellish monsters, you will need to work your way through the maze to complete this quest.


Rewards: Edit

Scroll ( I believe it gives experience )

Dragon Scale Legs : (Arm:11, distance fighting +4, protection physical +4%, energy +4%, fire +4%, ice +4%, holy +4%).


You enter the quest area from the portal room here:

What Hellish Maze is This? Edit

Much of the Trial of Fire is a straight forward path with a few short-lived dead ends. However there are some places with very large quantities of dangerous enemies.

You start in this room, the left teleporters take you out, the right one takes you into the quest:

In the beginning the quest is just clearing rooms and leaving through the teleporters on the other size, after about 6 of these rooms, you are teleported to an area where you would have to clear up to the left, then back up to the right. Once you have used both switches, the rocks in the center path will clear. allowing you access to the true maze part of the quest.

The rocks that block the way:

Switch 1:

Switch 2:

The way is clear!

The Real Deal Edit

Now the maze turns into a legit maze, complete with evil enemies and fire-y walls.

Part 1: Edit

Once you get to the end, you will enter the portal here:

Part 2: Edit

There will be another portal at the end of this segment here:

Part 3 + 4:

Final Portal leading to Reward Room :

Reward Room: Edit