Noob Island: Edit

Unique to Cyntara, Noob island is a newly revamped area for players to gain levels and learn some of the basic mechanics to playing a Tibia OT. Here there are creatures who will engage you in combat called Frozen's, however, they do not inflict any damage to the player, unlike in older versions of Cyntara where Rotworms were a players first experience and as can be noted, the Rotworm area took significantly longer to level to 100.

In the Beginning: Edit

Players will arrive in the starting room of Noob Island you begin your journey with a set of starter equipment and are given the option to head north into the spawn, or east to enter the portal to skip Noob Island.


The spawn for Noob Island is quite small, with narrow corridors consisting of only three objectives of note.


The first two objectives a player should aim for are the Bunny Experience Statues.


Be wary though, if you exceed level 80 before collecting both statues, you will be unable to use them.


The third objective is the exit stairs to the north end of the spawn, labeled in the map above. These stairs will take a player out of the spawn. However if a player tries to leave before reaching level 80, they will be denied access and returned to the spawn.


You are allowed to remain within the Frozen spawn for a short while after reaching level 80, to either work your way out or continue leveling, however once you hit level 100, you will be immediately teleported from the spawn and into the final reward room before being sent to the main Cyntara city.


Walkthrough Video: Edit

Cyntara's Noob Island

Cyntara's Noob Island