Initiation Quest Edit

The Initiation Quest is the quest required to gain the second promotion for each vocation.


Rewards: Edit

Second Promotion


To do this quest you must be level 600 and already have the first promotion, that is obtained from Queen Yvonne above the depot here:

To obtain your promotion first say "Hi", and follow the prompted discussion below:

Once you have your promotion, green text will pop up when you inspect yourself (Left Shift + Click):

The Quest: Edit

Now that you have obtained your first promotion, assuming you are also level 600, you are now ready to begin the Initiation Quest.

You enter the quest area from the portal room here:

You will find yourself in a mountain passage, where you will have to head down the large set of double stairs to the south to find the quest area. The first two bosses are in the main area, with the third being along the bridge with the arrow, up and down a few sets of stairs. The mini map will look like this :

Now to do this quest, you need to eliminate the three bosses within the quest area starting with The Demension Crawler, you climb the stairs here:

You will probably find him along with 1 or 2 other hellspawns waiting up here, be careful he does decent damage.

Once he has been eliminated a portal, with a 120 second timer, will appear here:

Enter the portal and your quest log will be updated. Then head along the main area to the left until you reach the other set of stairs here:

This will lead up to the next boss, The Fallen Hero:

The Fallen Hero is commonly accompanied by 1 or 2 Elites, and its best to use Magic Wall runes or Overgrowth runes, to position them so only 1 or two can hit your tank, and The Fallen Hero must always remain 'diagonal', as his beam attack is potentially fatal.

Once again after elimination a portal with a 120 second timer will appear, hop in this and you will once again have a quest log update.

The final boss is The Overseer, he is off to the left over a narrow one lane bridge marked with a red arrow on your the map above. Upon crossing this bridge you will find yourself in a small area with stairs on the left leading up into the mountains. Here you will find a wisp, be wary the damage a wisp can do is quite dangerous for new mages.

Head up the set of stairs, and the one adjacent to it, to find yourself standing next to a animal pen with a werewolf in it. Occasionally the gate to the pen will be open, if you are fast enough you can close this, if not have your blocker pick him up, werewolves can be painful.

Go left along the railroad tracks and you will encounter 2 Black Knight Bosses before descending a set of stairs to the south. From here you can see below you the boss area and might even be able to see The Overseer. You will need to go around to the left, where you will encounter 2 White Knights, before you are able to descend into the fighting area to dispatch the overseer.

During the encounter Death Mechanisms will be trying to shoot at you, and they have vision of the entire area, the only way to mitigate their damage is to place Mwalls to stop them from possibly killing your mages. It should look like this:

From there only the overseer can damage any of your group. If you happen to have a high enough level blocker, they can go out and force the overseer back towards the group, or brave the Death mechanisms as the damage for high levels is not terrible. Once he is dead, quickly enter the portal here:

You will be teleported back to the beginning of the quest area, and receive your final quest updated message:

From here you will need to head north. Had you been this way previously you would only have seen a large, impassable, pool of lava spanning the length of the screen. Now that you have completed the quest, you are able to walk upon the lava, and on the other end you will find a statue.

When you use the statue, you will receive your second promotion and see this:

Walkthrough Video: Edit

Cyntara Initiation Quest

Cyntara Initiation Quest