Dragons Den Quest Edit

The Dragons Den Quest is Cyntaras second puzzle based quest requiring you to match certain items in a specific order to unlock the reward room.

Rewards Edit

Red Robe (mages), Noble Armor (knights), Red Tunic (paladins)

Daily Chest

Method Edit


This is another puzzle the must be solved in order to receive a reward. There are 6 items placed around the dragon/dragon lord spawn. Your task is to memorize the location of these items in order to replicate it later.


Once you have memorized or written down the location of the items, head to the middle of the spawn where there will be a teleporter (it is just north of the pz). You will be taken into a room with 7 levers. You must flip each lever until you have the right item in the right location. Below is a picture of what it should look like.


Once you have all the items in the correct location, flip the lever in the middle of the room. If you successfully placed all items in the correct spot, you will be teleported to the reward room.

Walkthrough Video Edit

Cyntara Dragons Den Quest

Cyntara Dragons Den Quest